Most Malaysians only have mad respect for our Abang Bomba.

They run into fires, save us from wild animals, and most recently, one brave Abang Bomba went to great lengths to save a cat from a watery grave.

A post on the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia's Facebook page detailed how the cat, Oyen, was saved by an official from the Cyberjaya station.

The post said that the cat somehow ended up being trapped on a pile of drifting rubbish that had gotten lodged at a bridge near Putra Perdana in Puchong.

A video capturing the rescue showed one of the firemen using a rope to slowly decend towards the pile of drifting rubbish and save little Oyen.

Emotional owner grateful to be reunited with Oyen

An emotional picture of Oyen's owner was also shared on the department's Facebook page.

Our guess is that she was pretty happy to be reunited with the kitty.

Many Malaysians were in awe of the efforts put in to save the little cat and hundreds responded to the post with words of praise and thanks to the Abang Bomba.

Honestly, what would we ever do without them?

Thank you so much for your service to the country.