Boys and girls, remember the British journalist who dared to criticise our beloved Nasi Lemak?

Guess what? She now thinks Nasi Lemak is delicious. No kidding!

A yummy U-turn

According to The Star, Katie Morley had sampled the real deal at a restaurant called Zheng's in Chelsea, London.

"Thank you to all the Malaysians who suggested I should try the real nasi lemak. You are right, it's delicious!

"Nothing like that BA plane meal I had," she wrote on her Twitter page.

The reporter with The Telegraph recently angered many Malaysians when she complained about the Nasi Lemak she had on a British Airways flight.

"Chicken curry served with anaemic boiled egg, topped with smelly, slimy anchovies. ANCHOVIES. I quite like plane food usually, and this was a 0/10," she had tweeted.

Naturally, Malaysians weren’t happy with the post, and some suggested she come over to Malaysia to taste good Nasi Lemak.

She later clarified that she did not know what Nasi Lemak was and apologised for any offence caused to Malaysians.

“Many Malaysians have got in touch to say the meal I tweeted about yesterday is a popular national dish. I’d not come across it before & meant no offence. As many have pointed out, I was clearly served a very poor version by BA. Sure it can be lovely & hope to try the real thing one day!” she tweeted.

We're glad Morley got to taste the real thing! We hope more people will think twice before criticising unfamiliar cuisine in the future.