Global sporting goods retailer Decathlon launched their new flagship outlet at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, dubbed to be their most attractive addition yet.

Decathlon KL City Centre offers over 12,000 exclusive quality sports products together with one-of-a-kind facilities that can only be found in this particular store - yes, not even the ones from their home country, France!

“Decathlon KL City Centre will be the new disruptive business model; this concept is the first test for Decathlon Malaysia and also first in the world in Decathlon history. As Decathlon Malaysia, we adapt our business model to Malaysia and Malaysians.

"We launched our campaign “Made in Malaysia”, we do business with Malaysians, we complete our exclusive offer—yes, we design and conceptualize our own products with an R&D centre of 300 designers and 850 engineers—with our local partners which projects across our products and services.

"We achieve our mission, locally and we are different in this market. We adapt to the local sport market and we are here to make sport accessible to more sports lovers in Malaysia.” said Arnaud Sauret, Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon Malaysia.

Now this is no ordinary sports-themed retail store; the newly-constructed outlet was designed to be unique Sports Experience Centre functioning as an ecosystem of all things fitness, thrill and athletics.

Decathlon fuses elements of sports and lifestyle such as fitness studios, physiotherapy services, yoga and dance together with a healthy eating restaurant at the centre of the store.

With the best interest of sports enthusiasts in mind, customers can now test and purchase their desired sports products in the market on the spot. Imagine being able to go to a sports retail outlet like Decathlon, purchase an item and test them out straight in their fitness studios.

Another interesting aspect of the store is the medical room by Physiowerkz - a Movement Dysfunctions Centre that focuses on identifying bodily pain, accurately diagnosing and assisting patients in understanding their body as a whole. To add to that, customers can also conduct a full body check-up when they visit the store.

For first time-outdoor ninjas, this store allows you to experience your camping trip first-hand through their innovative VR system where you can visualise the usage of your outdoor gear virtually. How cool is that?

The new flagship store looks set to be another purple patch in their Malaysian journey as Decathlon products proved to be hot selling items during the course of the pandemic.

Watch our video below to see what the store looks like from the inside:

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