Popular preacher Ebit Lew has done it again.

This time, he's gone out of his way to help a 12-year-old homeless orphan.

According to a report by Malay Mail, the child, whose parents died due to COVID-19, has been living on the streets in Bukit Raja, Klang, since they passed away.

“Homeless at a young age. His parents had just passed away last January due to COVID-19.

“I felt sorry that he had to live aimlessly. Lots of people around tried to help, some even texted me about the boy.

“He has got no one else in his life, this is indeed a heavy test for you my child, surely there’s a blessing in disguise,” Lew wrote on his Facebook page after meeting the boy.

Fasting despite being homeless

Ebit also disclosed that the child has been living off food given by passersby and he was still fasting despite his situation.

He said the boy broke down immediately when asked about his parents.

Ebit later took the boy to make a police report, brought him some new clothes and registered him into a madrasah school.

We really need more people like this kind-hearted man!