On a gloomy, rainy Saturday evening last weekend, Malaysia was rocked with the news that our beloved Adibah Noor has passed.

Our timelines were pouring with message of condolences from fellow colleagues, celebrities and fans as we mourned the loss of not just a great artist, but one who pushed the boundaries of her craft - leaving a legacy of impact and warmth.

Remembering Adibah, we’ve compiled a list of her most memorable moments throughout her career. From the big screen to witty ads, here’s a few that might tickle your nostalgic bones.

Keroncong Hujan

If Yasmin Ahmad is remembered for exploring unique Malaysian stories in her films, Adibah Noor helped realize her vision by playing important roles in her films from Sepet up until Talentime. But the most memorable of all was Adibah’s performance in Mukhsin, singing the iconic Keroncong Hujan song while Sharifah Amani and Sharifah Aryana danced in the rain.

The song and her performance reignited a newfound love for millennials toward the traditional art of keroncong. On the day of her passing, the skies were crying too, and we can’t help but listen in grief.

The Rock vs Adibah Noor

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, the world of wrestling entertainment was a huge hit among Malaysians. Names like The Rock, Triple H, Big Show and later, Brock Lesnar and John Cena were on the lips of youngins during those days, so anything WWE-related was heavily celebrated.

Then comes a cheeky Adibah Noor, playing the role of a journalist on a task to interview The Rock himself, sees her efforts turn futile. What she did in response of that was possibly the most Malaysian thing to come out of a WWE advert.

Taxi Driver

Adibah Noor was featured in a number of raya advertisements over the years. The most memorable one; is Taxi Driver. Adibah plays a happy-go-luck taxi driver on her daily drives as she meets a sulky businessman at KL Central.

What happens next? If you’re not familiar with it, watch the video below:

Tanya Sama Itu Hud-Hud with Ali Masdo at Gegar Vaganza

It’s certainly not easy covering an M.Nasir song but if there’s someone who can take up the challenge and flourish, it’s Adibah. Kak Dibah dueted with Ali Sariah from Masdo and delivered an unforgettable rendition of the song at Gegar Vaganza, complete with the swagger and agogo.

Vocal powerhouse + indie mainstay? A recipe for pure brilliance.

AJL Winner - Terlalu Istimewa

Adibah had a number of hits under her belt, but no other songs held the power ‘Terlalu Istimewa’ had on all of us. According to Adibah, the song was written based on the pedophilic crimes against children in the 2000s and her personal and emotional reactional towards such cases during those years.

‘Terlalu Istimewa’ has been playing on our IG stories for a couple of days now and this iconic performance is probably her best.

Fundamentally Happy

One of her best performances in recent times. Fundamentally Happy is a Singaporean production exploring the themes of religion, sexual abuse on children, neglect and other relatable conflicts especially among South East Asians.

Watch the trailer here if you haven’t:

Did we miss out on any notable ones? Send in your own list at [email protected]