If you've been following the news, you would've seen the measures taken by the Indian authorities to ensure the citizens obey the lockdown.

Videos of the the Indian police literally ‘whipping’ some sense into people who flout the Movement Control Order (MCO) in the country have gone viral on social media.

Now, the Indian police have gotten more creative.

Scare people into behaving

Recently, one police officer was spotted on the streets of Chennai wearing a coronavirus helmet while performing his duties.

CNN reported that Rajesh Babu wears the helmet covered in red spikes with bulbs on the end, just like the microscopic image of the coronavirus.

The helmet was designed by local artist B. Gowtham, founder of the Chennai-based organisation Art Kingdom.

Do not look at it directly.
He told the news site that he decided to create something during the 21-day lockdown order in the country after noticing that people are still not staying at home because they can't 'see' the virus.

Hence, he deduced that if they could actually see the virus coming toward them, they will be frightened.

"People are not hygienic enough. We have government orders not to come out -- but still, we're seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks," he was quoted of saying.

Better listen to what he says.
Gowtham reportedly got the support from his nearest police station and he then designed the helmet and gave it to Rajesh.

If you thought the helmet was geli enough, you have to hear Rajesh's tagline.

Dressed as the coronavirus, he would say to errant citizens: "If you come out, I will come in."

OK, that's officially creepy. But we do laud the Indian authorities for finding creative ways to make sure that the citizens stay inside during the pandemic.

Just like this Malaysian man: