We've pretty sure you've heard your mom or your aunties complaining about the price of fish in the fresh market or supermarket.

They would tell you that they're not willing to part with RM30 for just 1kg of fish.

However, this Japanese businessman had no problems parting with his money whatsoever for a fish.

In fact, he paid more than a million dollars for it!

'This is the best'

That's an expensive fish.
News agency AFP reported that Kiyoshi Kimura, a Japanese sushi businessman, paid 193 million Yen (RM7.26 million) to purchase a giant tuna!

Kimura, ‘nicknamed’ ‘Tuna King’, paid the whopping amount of money at the New Year's auction at Tokyo's main fish market to purchase a 276-kilogramme bluefin tuna, reportedly caught off the Aomori region in northern Japan.

"This is the best.

"Yes, this is expensive, isn't it? I want our customers to eat very tasty ones this year too," said the businessman, who runs a successful sushi restaurant chain.

He's known to spend big bucks to buy fishes.
According to the news agency, Kimura is known to pay big bucks for his fishes.

Last year, he reportedly paid a record USD$3.1 million (RM12.7 million) to win a 278-kilogramme tuna.

We guess his customers must be smacking their lips right about now.