Everyone from this side of the world is super excited about Disney's Raya And The Last Dragon.

The movie not only celebrates Southeast Asian culture but also has Malaysian-born Adele Lim as its screenwriter!

There's another collaboration that Malaysians can be proud about as well.

A local fashion brand CalaQisya has managed to secure a partnership with Disney to come up with a collection inspired by the animated film.

Lanching today (11 March) , the collection features five kaftan designs that have incorporated sceneries from 'Raya And The Last Dragon'.






"Even though we are all grown-ups now, we sometimes still watch Disney movies to cheer ourselves up by reliving our childhood memories, especially after a long day.

"We are not exaggerating when we say that this collaboration with Disney is the greatest achievement and huge milestone in the history of CalaQisya that we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives,” said CalaQisya CEO Yana Khairudin.

A lovely collection inspired by the film

The collection also carries four headscarves and scrunchies accompanied with customised CalaQisya x Disney pouches.

So pretty!

"Finally, we have a Disney princess who represents 'our people,' which is a reason enough to release this collaborative collection," explained Yana.

“The inspiration behind the chosen prints came from the elaborately detailed thematic motifs of Raya and The Last Dragon which can only be noticed if you look closely.

The subtle detailing in the prints is very familiar with the Southeast Asian identity, culture and heritage, which you will notice when you watch Raya and the Last Dragon," she added.

So cute right!

If you're interested in purchasing this limited collected, head on over to www.calaqisya.com or visit their social media accounts.

The fully lined nursing friendly kaftan is priced at RM289, while the limited edition scarf is RM159 and the scrunchie is RM19 each.