According to the fire department, the fire is coming from the TNB substation facing Taman Seputeh and is now in control.

Twitter users who drove by and those in the vicinity of the mall uploaded videos and images today of plumes of thick smoke and the burning building.

One Twitter user posted that the fire had been going on for at least forty minutes as of 11.12am:

The Twitter page for the Kuala Lumpur Command & Control Centre (KLCCC DBKL) posted that firemen were working on extinguishing the fire.

Despite an earlier tweet that no roads were blocked in the process, the page then later reported that two of the left lanes on the main road were closed so that the firefighters could carry out suppression of the fire. Auxiliary police were on the ground to control the traffic.

Another Twitter user shared that allegedly, the electricity was being shut down in the mall and that the people inside were asked to evacuate their cars from the mall.

Others at a nearby building also said that the fire had disrupted their internet connection:

GSC has also posted about the incident, saying that while the cinema was not directly affected, it would be closed until further notice.

We pray that no one was injured in the process.

Image credit: Kuala Lumpur Command and Control Centre