Starting yesterday (12 March), the maximum fine for not adhering to the COVID-19 SOP was raised to RM10,000.

That's a lot of money kan?

Many people were concerned when the increase was announced, but in an earlier statement, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob assured that the RM10k fine would ONLY be issued towards repeat offenders.

How will the authorities know if the person is a repeat offender, you ask?

Well, in a report by The Star yesterday (11 March), Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said that a system would be set up by the Health Ministry soon.

Ok lah, looks like only those who really deserve it will be slapped with that hefty fine right?

We're not so sure about that.

A hefty punishment?

A picture of a RM10,000 compound was shared on social media recently and the post has gone viral.

The offence? Not checking in using the MySejahtera application.

According a post shared on the Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis Facebook page, the fine was issued at 6.55pm on 11 March at a restaurant in Bukit Jalil.

Many netizens commented on the post with a number wondering how the official knew if the person was a repeat offender.

"When I watched the news yesterday, they said that only repeat offenders would be compounded RM10k and you can still appeal to lower the fine. I just want to know if this person is a repeat offender. This has to be clear," commented Facebook user Danny Aizuddin.

"I thought it needs to be a repeat offence and only then a 10k fine. How did the officer know that it was a repeat offence?" questioned Saiful Anwar Bin Ahmad.

Remember to check in, you guys!
Another user, Samantha Tham commented "Isn't the database still being set up by the Health Ministry? How did the officer know that it was a repeat offence?"

Other users however said that the person deserved to pay the full fine for not adhering to the simple act of scanning using the MySejahtera app.

"Thousands of people have died due to this pandemic. You have to take drastic actions so that society understands the importance of SOP," commented Nurizal Bin Zakaria Rizal.

"You won't die if you follow the SOP. If you're too lazy to wear a mask, scan the code or practice social distancing, just stay at home and order Grab or get your stuff online. Did you share this on social media to get sympathy or to show that you're rich?" said Mohd Aswad.

Is the compound really fixed at RM10k?

It's still unclear how the officer determined if the person was a repeat offender.

Maybe he walked in and out of the outlet several times? Perhaps they just fined the same person the day before?

We guess it's now up to the officials to decide if the RM10k fine should be reduced.

FYI, according to an infographic by Bernama quoting Abdul Hamid, all compounds related to COVID-19 SOP will be set at RM10k.


The actual amount, however, would depend on the discretion of the district health officer from the Ministry of Health.

So, basically, this guy who didn't scan using his MySejahtera app could even walk away with an RM1k fine.

Regardless, it can be quite daunting being handed a RM10k compound so just be additionally careful lah people.

It's already been a year since COVID-19 SOP have been set in place.

Just saying that you forgot is no longer a valid excuse.