Unsung heroes are everywhere!

A video of a Malaysian army personnel helping a wheelchair-bound woman wear a mask and gloves is making its rounds on social media.

It may seem like a small act, but it definitely warmed our hearts.

Malay Mail reported that the woman, Nooraini Wong, was out alone on her motorised wheelchair and was about to head to a nearby supermarket in Selayang to get some groceries when Khairul Zulkefli spotted her.

“This aunty is a person with different abilities (OKU), she wanted to go to NSK but didn’t have a mask. So, we gave her a mask and gloves," shared Khairul on Facebook.

Surviving on her own

Khairul also posted a second video of him speaking to Aunty Nooraini.

The makcik is thankful.
In the video, Aunty Nooraini reveals that she does not have children or relatives and stays at her home in Kampung Laksamana, Batu Caves with her cats.

"Kampung Laksmana? Jauhnya! Boleh jalan ke? Boleh bawak ke?" Khairul is heard asking Aunty Nooraini in the video.

Aunty Nooraini simply replies "Dah biasa".

Khairul then tells her to be sure to wear her mask on her journey home.

Fearing that she had committed an offence, Aunty Nooraini promptly apologises, to which Khairul replied: “You didn’t even do anything wrong, aunty.”

Many surviving on their own

Just like Aunty Nooraini, there are probably many who are doing their best to survive in our society.

If you know of a neighbour in need, try and reach out (while maintaining a safe distance of course).

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the welfare department, a community leader or various NGOs to let them know.

As for Aunty Nooraini, Khairul included her banking details in his post.

If you'd like to help out, you can donate to Nooraini Wong (Public Bank - current account - 6935104219).