Always thought of yourself as a problem solver who can think outside the box? Pride yourself as someone who has grand, amazing ideas that you have no doubt could help people?

Good, because the National Higher Education Fund Corp (PTPTN) wants your help.

PTPTN chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan told The Malay Mail Online that they will conduct "public consultations" to look for ideas on how to get loan defaulters to repay their debt.

These public consultation sessions will focus on "loan repayment mechanisms", said Wan Saiful, and they will take into account the suggestion provided by Malaysians.

“The repayment method for PTPTN has been discussed a lot and has been the focus since Pakatan Harapan became government.

“It is still the focus as it has yet to be resolved,” he was quoted as saying.

PTPTN right now.
​Once all the feedback is collected, Wan Saiful said it will be forwarded to the Education Ministry for the next plan of action.

To date, the PTPTN is owed a total of RM6.3bil and their goal is to collect at least RM2bil by the end of the year.

Late last year, the government had plans to introduce the Income-Contingent Loan Repayment (ICLR) scheme, a repayment scheme where monthly deductions of between 2% to 15% are automatically made on a borrower’s salary.

Of course, like a lot of government initiatives, it was put on hold after the scheme received massive backlash online.

If you want to help PTPTN collect their money, give them a call.