Some people are willing to resort to extreme measure to cheat the system.

A Taiwanese man who was entitled to take eight days of marriage leave did the unthinkable to get the most out of this entitlement.

The man decided to marry his wife four times by divorcing her after the first three marriages.

Because of his multiple weddings, he managed to apply for a total of 32 days of marriage leave.

According to a report by Malay Mail quoting Taiwan’s Apple Daily, the bank employee got married on 6 April last year and applied for eight days of leave then.

At the end of the leave, he divorced his wife and remarried her the next day.

He continued this pattern four different times.

More drama surrounding the marriage leave

Will you marry me x 4.
Despite his efforts, his employer only approved his first marriage leave, much to his annoyance.

He then decided to challenge the decision by filing a complaint against his employer for not abiding with Taiwan’s labour laws, which stated that “a worker shall be entitled to eight days of wedding leave with pay” under Article 2 of Taiwan’s Regulations of Leave-Taking for Workers.

The complaint led to investigations by Taipei City Labour Bureau, which found the bank to be at fault.

Bank fined for the offence.For the offence, the bank was fined NTD$20,000 (RM2,929).

The dissatisfied bank submitted an appeal on the grounds that the man abused the system by marrying the same woman four times.

While the Taipei Labour Bureau agreed that what the man did was unethical, it maintained the fine towards the bank.

So much drama just to get additional leave. Would you do it?