It was supposed to be a ride home after a long day at work for some Malaysians, but it turned out to be a harrowing experience instead.

Two Rapid KL trains from the Kelana Jaya line have reportedly collided in the underground tunnels near KLCC, Malaysiakini reported.

Happened in a tunnel

Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa told the news portal that the incident involved trains number 40 and 81.

One of the trains were reportedly empty, while the other was carrying passengers.

The incident was also confirmed by RapidKL's official Twitter account:

According to Azhar Ghazali, Senior Vice President of Media & Communications of Prasarana, the accident happened at around 9pm on Monday (24 May).

"We are making immediate efforts to provide assistance and control the situation," he said in a statement.

The trains were reportedly heading towards the Kg Baru LRT station from KLCC when it collided.

Dozens injured

Videos and pictures showing passengers moaning in pain and in a state of shock have been circulating on social media.

There were also pictures showing some passengers lying on the floor of the train, covered in debris.

*Warning: potentially graphic photos ahead
Dang Wangi OCPD Mohammad Zainal told The Star Online that no deaths have been reported so far.

According to Zainal, 47 passengers were seriously injured while another 166 passengers suffered minor injuries.