You know the saying, 'fake it till you make it'?

Well, this one woman from the United States decided that she wants to fake it, but she didn't quite make it.

Clever clever squirrel jump...

In the pandemic-propelled world, vaccination certs play a very important role as many establishments are asking for the certs as a proof before giving access to patrons.

As such, desperate anti-vaxxers and those who chose not to get vaccinated have been falsifying vaccination documents to get to their destinations undetected.

One such person is Chloe Mrozak from the United States.

Good try, tho.
According to a report by Hawaii News Now, Mrozak was busted for using a fake vaccination certificate - because she spelt the name of the vaccination wrong.

The 24-year-old had reportedly arrived at Oahu, Hawaii, but she managed to sneak out of the airport before screeners managed to confirm her hotel reservations.

She reportedly listed a Holiday Inn Express in Waikiki as her place of stay, but when investigators checked with the hotel, they found that there were no reservations under her name.

As Mrozak go about with her holiday, investigators started scrutinising the vaccination documents she submitted under the state’s Safe Travels Program, which allows fully vaccinated individuals to bypass traveler quarantine rules.

That was when they discovered Mrozak had scribbled the word 'Maderna' instead of 'Moderna' as the vaccination doses she received.

Always remember to check your spelling.
Her vaccination card also claimed that members of the National Guard in Delaware had administered her shots, but checks by investigators found that her medical records did not exist.

Not a happy ending

As Mrozak returned to the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport for her departure flight, the police were ready and waiting.

She was promptly arrested, and she reportedly told the officers that she paid her doctor to get her vaccination shots.

Smile, you're on a mugshot.
Mrozak is reportedly currently being held at the Oahu Community Correctional Center for falsifying vaccination documents, a misdemeanor offense in the state.

Let his be a lesson, you guys! Go and get yourself vaccinated if you haven't already, OK?