If you've been complaining about the rising cost of living and how expensive it is to stay in the city center, here's a pretty good solution for you.

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has announced that there will be building micro-homes to help those who are having a tough time looking for affordable accomodation in the city.

How affordable, you ask? You only need to pay a rental of RM100 per month!

KL Mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan told The New Straits Times that the first two phases of the micro-home project will be located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

The first phase, according to Nor Hisham, is set to be completed by the end of this year and will be able to house 190 tenants. The second phase, meanwhile, will be completed in the first quarter of 2020 with a housing capacity of 135 people.

The micro-homes are partly furnished and can house up to seven people.

Nor Hisham also told the daily that DBKL will not impose a maintanence charge. How about that, huh?

We hope they look like this.
But before you pack up your bags and prepare to move to these micro-homes, you need to know that they are only available for youngsters from the lower-income (B40) group.

According to Nor Hisham, as long as you are a single Malaysian aged between 18 to 28 and earning less than RM2,000 a month, you're eligible to rent a micro-home.

The aim of these micro-homes is not to earn a profit, Nor Hisham said, but to help the young B40 group to "find their footing".

Well done, DBKL! In the future, build cheaper home for us middle income earners, can?