We all know how beautiful the beaches in Terengganu are, but it's rare for the non-tourisy ones to go viral on social media.

Recently, one of the lesser known beaches became the talk of the Twitter town, when @iamhafizzaidi shared a picture taken by a Nazir Ali.

So beautiful and clean!
Accompanying the image was a caption that said "Kawasan baru kt Terengganu. Jangan bimbang, lagi 2,3 bulan penuh la sampah sarap. Harap @maya_karin boleh nasihat org kita jangan buang sampah ngate rawe. Foto : Nasir Ali.

(New area in Terengganu. Don't worry, within 2 to 3 months, the place will be filled with rubbish. Hope Maya Karin can advise people to not litter.)

Actress Maya Karin, who is also known for her environment-related advocacy work, responded to the tweet, saying that she thought that the place looked like Australia.

"Wow, so beautiful! I initially thought 'just like Australia'. But why does it have to be like Australia? It should be 'This Malaysia. We can do it'," she tweeted.

The tweet has gotten over 18,000 retweets and 12,000 likes since April 22.

We couldn't find the name of the place in the thread, but according to Astro Awani, the beautiful, clean beach with impressive infrastructure is located near a fishing village in Seberang Takir.

Others shared pictures of the beach too, making us itch to go the ourselves!

Wow! We wish we have such a beautiful view behind our homes too!

If this is how the backyards of people in Terengganu looks like, we want to move there too!