What do you do if you are travelling but you do not want to fork out money for baggage fees?

Well, you can either choose to leave all your baggage behind, or you can just wear all your clothes and save yourself some money.

While the latter sounds like a joke, we want you to know that someone actually did that!

Here's a picture proof:

News website Unilad reported that one Gel Rodriguez, who is from the Philippines, realised that her luggage weighs 9kg when she arrived at the airport. The maximum weight allowance was only 7kg.

The quick-thinking traveller was firm on not wanting to pay excess baggage fee, so, she decided to remove the heaviest clothing items from her luggage and layered them on her body.

According to the website, Rodriguez reportedly wore several pants, jackets, scarfs and shirts all at once and just like magic, her baggage was 2.5kg lighter.

Rodriguez, having avoided paying the excess baggage fee with her little trick, took to social media to celebrate her success.

Using the hashtag #ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted, she boasted about her trick on Facebook and the post subsequently went viral.

Despite that, Rodriguez told Vice that she didn’t want to pay the excess fees because she was just two kilograms over the limit. She also told the news portal that she she wouldn’t recommend anyone to pull the trick because it was really, really hot.

Having said that, would you guys consider doing this as a challenge?

Kredit Gambar: Facebook Gel Rodriguez

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