Although this Prancing Horse looks like it was downloaded from GranTurismo, this race car is authentic. The Modificata mixes the best things with Ferrari’s previous track-day specials, the 488 GTE and the 488 GT3, and then dial it up some more.

Now that the powertrain is no longer bound by FIA’s Balance of Performance rule, Ferrari can squeeze more power out of the twin-turbo V8. The use of materials and components from the GT3 and GTE race engines come together in the V8, just as how the lions form Voltron. The engine now delivers around 700cv (Italian horsepower). Different transmission ratios are available for the gearbox to suit your racing style. A carbon-fibre clutch is also installed to cope with the souped-up power and torque of the engine.

The Modificata gets its suspension from the 488 GTE endurance racer. Its braking system is developed by Brembo, and it features low residue torque callipers and ABS system taken from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 with specific settings. A V-box acquisition system combined with Bosch’s telemetry data acquisition system allows data to be downloaded into a USB stick. Hi-res rearview camera, second seat and TPMS system also come as standard.

Because no one wants to look like the other guy, Ferrari is offering a wide range of customisation options for the exterior and interior of the Modificata.

But you can’t buy the 488 GT Modificata and drive it anywhere you like. The Ferrari is made only for racing on the race track. So when you buy the Modificata, you’re essentially buying a seat to race at the Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events. This means that, apart from track days, you’ll only be able to drive it in five events on the Virginia International Raceway, Monza (of course), Watkins Glen, Suzuka and Nurburgring. And not forgetting the Finali Mondiali, which is the final race of the season at the Mugello circuit.

The real kicker is that Ferrari might not even sell you the car. The 488 GT Modificata is produced in very limited numbers, and priority is given to drivers who have recently raced in the Competizioni GT with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT. Even the well-heeled are not spared from the scrutiny of the elitists.