Here’s the gist of it, if you’re a Honda-owning frontliner and your car is out of order, damaged or in need of repairs, Honda Malaysia will graciously cover a month’s rental of a replacement Honda City from Socar to ease your travel challenges.

The Citys (Cities?) are limited to 50 units and is one way Honda Malaysia shows its appreciation for the brave spirits and self-sacrifice of the frontliners. If any of those Honda-owning frontliners have car trouble during this period, this is a simple, peace-of-mind solution for them.

“Everyone is playing their part in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak and frontliners hold an even more important role in these difficult times. The past few weeks have not been easy for all in Malaysia, especially the frontliners who are working tirelessly to protect Malaysia from the pandemic. Inspired by the like-minded challenging spirit, Honda Malaysia would like to assist in any way we can in this unprecedented situation. The initiative with Socar is introduced to help the frontliners whose Honda cars are out of service at the moment by providing the City as their temporary on-the-road companion,” said Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Toichi Ishiyama.

Affected Honda-owning frontliners can log onto the Honda Malaysia official website to take advantage of this programme.