If your children are down to their last colouring book, have exhausted all appropriate videos on YouTube and have caught up to all Astro has to offer (impossible?), what can work-from-home parents do to keep their children occupied? Perhaps, you can divert your children’s attention to something straight out of Zuffenhausen, called Porsche4Kids.

On Porsche4Kids, your child can try out memory games, take a tour of the Porsche Museum at Zuffenhausen or printout pages for colouring. There are also simple science projects that you can do with your younglings while learning something new. The site is ‘hosted’ by Tom Targa and Tina Turbo; the site’s mascots.

But don’t for one second think that this site is made for kids — some content in there are pretty deep with challenges that will make use of the thought process. Or, you might try one of the ‘simple’ exercises that will test your core strength and coordination. These exercises are tough, really tough.

Porsche also invites you and your children to post your dreams of mobility. It could be a photo of you and your car — life-size or scale model, or completed coloured picture downloaded from the website. Use #DreamsAreMadeAtHome when you post them on social media to get the attention of the people who eat, sleep, breathe Porsche. We're not sure if there’s going to be any prize for the most creative piece, but hey, having a little social media exposure can’t hurt.