A few months ago, Volvo got quite a few panties in a twist following its announcement that moving forward, all its new vehicles sold from a yet undefined date would be limited to 180kph. Understandably, the pitchforks and calls for blood were out in full force and many were in denial, anticipating the move to never come to fruition.

Well, we’ve got news for you. You’re all dead wrong. The Swedish carmaker is going through with it and the cap will be applied to all its vehicles sold globally; yes, including Malaysia.

According to Akhtar Sulaiman (pic), Marketing and PR Director of Volvo Cars Malaysia, cars sold here will be capped to 180kph as well but for now though, there’s no solid answer as to when that’ll be.

He does however point to the limiter being applied to new vehicles here somewhere in Q4 of 2020.

Volvo’s always been a strong proponent of safety and the basis for this move lies in the carmaker’s ultimate vision to have zero deaths/serious injuries in new Volvo cars by 2025. It’s a bold goal and in achieving high returns, some high risks must come into play.

Existing owners need not worry though, the limiter will only be applied to new vehicles sold from the yet to be determined date. Any new Volvos sold from now up to the will be limiter-free as well.

For those that are upset at what some perceive to be a brazen violation of your motoring rights, let’s just apply some much-needed logic for a while. Malaysian drivers are still missing some of the very basics of good road etiquette. Simple moves such as using the indicator and not lane-hogging are every day occurrences here.

Therefore, even finding a stretch of road to cruise at above 180khp for a considerable amount of time will be as rare as hen’s teeth. Eventually, some driver isn’t going to get out of the way or just cut into your lane without glancing at the rear-view mirrors.