As a Malaysian, there’s no denying of our love towards Bollywood movies. For decades, these movies have helped spice up our boring weekends and added some colour to almost every Malaysian household. There’s just no way you couldn’t grow fond of these movies especially if you’ve been introduced to it as a kid (*cues Kuch Kuch Hota Hai clip*). From the random song breaks, dancing, overly emotional scenes, and of course, the exaggerated fighting scenes, we’re all pretty much familiar with what goes down in a Bollywood movie. Although we’re more accustomed to Bollywood movies compared to Tamil movies, the premise of both movies are actually quite similar. But, there’s one thing that may give Tamil movies a slight upper hand than Bollywood movies.

Tamil movies have a more comical take when it comes to action scenes especially when it involves a fight. When we say “comical”, we meant the whole thinking out-of-the-box and defying gravity shebang. Instead of making your heart palpate faster with a kick of adrenaline rush, the action sequence will end up leaving you in stitches. The question of logic, science, or physics no longer exist because in most Tamil movies, the more exaggerated and ridiculous the action scene looks, the better. Don’t believe us? We’ve prepared a list of hilarious clips from Tamil movies – plus a few Telugu ones – that will definitely blow your mind!

#1 Singham 123

Gif: Giphy
Get ready for the greatest movie scene of ALL TIME. Of all the weapons this cop could’ve picked, he chose the most unlikely one that’ll keep him from harm: a banana. Yes, you read that right, the yellow fruit full of potassium that’s going to help him get rid of all the bad guys. If that thought alone doesn’t baffle you, wait till you see the whole scene where it starts off with him trying to kill a guy with a live chicken.

#2 Sivaji The Boss

Gif: Giphy
Gif: Giphy
In the Tamil world, Rajinikanth is seen as the king of all actors. Heck, he’s even dubbed as the Indian version of Chuck Norris. In the 2007, he was the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan for his role as Sivaji. One scene alone doesn’t justify how mind-boggling the whole movie is. You can expect some ultra-cool charm from Rajinikanth with his coin tossing moves, bullets that won’t kill him even if it looked like it did and of course, a group of henchmen running towards him (who was unarmed) with samurai swords and not hurting him even the slightest bit.

Never change, Rajinikanth.

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#3 Aambala

Talk about making a grand entrance! What better way to ‘introduce’ yourself then lying effortlessly on a car which is literally flying over two cars before landing. Not only that, he was able to maintain his position despite his colleague spinning the car multiple times. Who needs inertia when you have a super magnetic butt? To top it off, he even managed to stop a car from hitting him from the back by just using his legs. He didn’t even turn around to know the car was coming his way! By the way, we really dig the catchy background music in this fighting sequence.

#4 Darling

This movie wouldn’t be as funny as it is without the character of an exorcist, Ghost Gopal Varma. Exorcists have existed for centuries and its sole purpose is to ward off unwanted spirits who possess other people. But if you’re ever wondering how modern exorcists work, well, Ghost Gopal Varma just set a whole new standard by Skyping with the ghost. At least he’s making good use of the Internet. He even has the courage to say “I am waiting for you” while giving a thumbs up after being threatened by the ghost. Who even does that?!

#5 Hrudaya Kaleyam

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Before you gouge your eyes out in disbelief, you must be wondering, why does this fella looks familiar? Well he’s Sampoornesh Babu, the same guy who acted in the movie that used a banana to kill people. (Now it’s clear what type of movies he does). This movie illustrates that almost anyone can be a heart surgeon and engineer, all you need is some LED lights, Styrofoam, and spray paint to make an artificial heart to save a person’s life. Yeap. Very logical.

#6 Manavudu Danavudu

This is old, but pure GOLD. This movie debuted back in 1972 and even ran more than 100 days in cinemas. Why? Well instead of getting stitches after getting a cut on your cheek, the main character opts to get a full-face plastic surgery. How? By getting a procedure that looks like a glitch on Adobe Photoshop. The results? Remarkable!

#7 Endhiran

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Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new Terminator is in town. This movie will give you all sorts of feelings; the weird, the bad, and the funny. If you think you’ve seen quite enough, wait till you see thousands of robots turn into ‘particles’ forming into a gigantic figure.

#8 Dharmapuri

Ever seen a bullet deflecting someone’s chest and ends up killing the shooter instead? Well Vijayakanth did it in this movie. Just like everyone around him during the scene, we were also in disbelief. His secret? A metal plate placed strategically covering his left chest. Of course he knew where the shooter was going to shoot him. Of course.

#9 Narasimha

Just when you thought you’ve watched Vijayakanth’s most epic scene ever, wait till you see Narasimha. After watching this movie, your life may never be the same again. Vijayakanth appears to be some sort of super-human in this movie. Biting your own finger while smiling? Check. Lying naked on a block of ice? Check. Getting electrocuted and stayed alive? Check.

During the electrocution part where he puts on a helmet, he even drops this Chuck Norris-ish line:

“When a normal man touches current, he gets a shock. I am Narasimha. If the current touches me, the current will get a shock instead.”

Now we know, Narasimha’s one man you’d never want to mess with.

#10 Marte Dum Tak

So, after thousands of Indian movies in the market, how does one stand out from the rest? You devise a really long, over-the-top fighting scene that only involves two people. What’s so special about it, you ask? Well after multiple kicks and punches exchanged, not only both of them seem to be unharmed, they decided to use a football to help spice up their fight. Both men showcased their football skills that’ll put Ronaldo and Messi to shame. During the five-minutes and 47 seconds stint, not a single blood drop was seen. What a miracle! We really need to get our hands on the supplement these boys are taking ASAP!