After the success of the Mandalorian, the Book of Boba Fett and Kenobi, Disney rolls the sleeves of its Jedi robes once again and deliver yet another compelling-looking series called Andor, starring the man behind the role of Cassian Andor, Diego Luna.

Andor was in the works for some time and we’re delighted to see the Star Wars universe all raring to go again in a galaxy far, far, away.

We got the chance to watch a couple of episodes of Andor and here’s why we think Star Wars fans will absolutely love the show.

A Prequel to Star Wars: Rogue One

If you haven’t heard, Andor is a prequel to Star Wars: Rogue One, dubbed one of the best Star Wars movies since Empire Strikes Back (very, very debatable, okay?). In Rogue One, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) aided his comrade Jyn Erso in stealing the plans of the Death Star during the Battle of Scarif.

The show features a similar feel to Rogue One. Set in Morlana One, a corporate planet presumably tied to the empire, Andor is on a quest to find her missing sister as he bumps into all kinds of intergalactic troubles and mishaps. So if you’re a fan of Rogue One, then Andor will excite you just as much.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Who doesn’t love Diego Luna? The Mexican actor was one of the highlights of Star Wars: Rogue One. First appeared in Tom Hanks’ famous romcom hit The Terminal, Diego Luna has starred in various movies since. His best performance post-Rogue One had to be Narcos: Mexico.

Cassian Andor as a top intelligence officer in the rebellion always had the potential for a full-on origin story. The mystery that shrouded Andor’s past, past traumas, and former adventures may all be coming to light in the series.

Sc-fi espionage-themed show

Imagine 007 but in the Star Wars universe. No resources, only clunky droids, aliens with British accents and people in tacky uniforms screaming generational imperial trauma. Technically, Rogue One was also an espionage film - though one can also argue that it can be a heist flick, too.

Ever since the first Star Wars came out, the franchise has diversified its storytelling themes across genres and platforms. Despite being called Star Wars, the creator, George Lucas focused a lot more on the Jedi up until the Mandalorian in 2019, under the tutelage of Dave Filoni. So a Star Wars series featuring more war aspects; the dirt, grit, horror and action? Sign me up, fam.

Away from the Skywalker family drama… for now

As mentioned, the main Star Wars arc focused a bit too much on the Jedi, specifically on the Skywalker family. Episode I to III? The origins of Darth Vader. Episode IV to VI? The rise of Luke Skywalker. The franchise steered away a bit from the Skywalker family in the Mandalorian but gave Luke Skywalker an epic comeback at the end of Season 2.

Having the Skywalkers around is not a bad thing. Heck, this family literally shaped our childhood but maybe it’s time to expand the Star Wars universe and allow characters like Cassian Andor to flourish in his own set of adventures.

Tony Freaking Gilroy: the man who ‘saved’ Rogue One

Who is Tony Gilroy, you say? Oh, no one. Just the person behind the famous Bourne trilogy. With Bourne, Tony Gilroy helped shape the espionage and action genre in Hollywood, raising the bar for fellow filmmakers to compete.

Based on his impressive work, Tony Gilroy was called upon to assist Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards in the film’s reshoots. Hence why a number of shots from the trailer did not end up in the final cut (yeah, that’s all Gilroy). His biggest contribution was during the epic Battle of Scarif - he made it better than it already was.

Tony steers the ship in Andor and frankly, looking at his colourful work in the past, we’re excited to see where Andor will lead us in the final episode.

Andor is now available for viewing on Disney + Hotstar.