Following the success of ‘Kampung Pisang Bersiri-Siri’ and ‘Projek: Anchor SPM’, Astro continues its commitment to deliver premium local drama through the Astro Originals brand with the upcoming release of I-Tanggang. Inspired by untold dark Malaysian family stories, I-Tanggang is the first drama in Malaysia to highlight the issue of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

I-Tanggang not only explores a unique subject, but also presents a new narrative to the audience featuring the story of a mother who uses her son for financial gains by making up a fatal illness to get sympathy from the public. This 12-episode premium drama will air starting September 13, 2021, every Monday at 9.00 pm on Astro Citra, Channel 108.

I-Tanggang is an original idea created by Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin. She is also the co-director along with Wan Alauddin Wan Zainuddin and Rashidi Ishak. Both Wan Hasliza and Wan Alaudin collaborated with Keen to produce the script for I-Tanggang. Wan Hasliza is famed for her magical touch in family comedy dramas such as Keluarga Iskandar The Movie, Keluarga Iskandar, Jodoh, Kampung People and many more, but through I-Tanggang, she showcases her ability to depict heavier issues through a family crime drama. Similarly, Rashidi Ishak also showcases his other side in directing through I-Tanggang.

Sure to stir up uncomfortable emotions

Overall, the family story featured relates closely to society and will stir up various emotions through the characters. Stellar acting performances are delivered by a line-up of great actors such as the winner of Best Supporting Actress, Anugerah Skrin 2012, Sherie Merlis, Best Actor of the 25th Malaysia Film Festival, Faizal Hussein, Danish Hazriq (Best Supporting Actor, Anugerah Skrin 2018), Nadhir Nasar, Emma Sofia, Emelda Rosmila, Wan Raja, Zarina Zainuddin, Sofea Jane, Andy Teh, Rashidi Ishak, Rashid Salleh, Syed Nahar, Rosdeen Suboh and Yuyun Hikmah.

Producer, Director and Scriptwriter for I-Tanggang, Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin, stated that the producers of KL Motion Pictures would like to thank Astro for giving them the opportunity to create I-
Tanggang. “I-Tanggang is a heavy drama that emphasizes the abuse of a child by a mother through Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It also focuses on the multifaceted concept of ‘rebellion’. Rebellion does not only come from one angle. There are many other things that contribute to one's rebellion or

“We wanted to present good content for all audiences. As for the selection of actors, the cast consists of people across various ages and races, combining new and old actors so that the drama is more realistic. We hope that what we present through this drama is not just for entertainment alone, but is also acceptable to the audience and can initiate discussion among society. We hope that Malaysian audiences will continue to be mature and intelligent,” added Wan Hasliza.

Vice President, Malay Nusantara Business and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said she was very excited to be working with KL Motion Pictures production to present I-Tanggang to Malaysian audiences. “Premium drama I-Tanggang brings a different genre and mood compared to other dramas under the Astro Originals brand. In fact, it also offers a quality storyline inspired by issues that exist in Malaysia and, to some extent, invites the public to understand stress within family institutions while creating awareness to the mental health issue known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

"We consulted psychologists from Universiti Malaya to accurately depict mental health issues. We hope I-Tanggang will not only strengthen the Astro Originals brand as a hub for premium drama content in the country, but also provide entertainment value and different experiences as well as create awareness or 'reality check' for all of us about what is happening out there and its impact to the people around us, especially loved ones.”

Supported by UMCares

I-Tanggang will also be receiving support and partnership from UMCares, the Community and
Sustainability Center under the auspices of the University of Malaya, to highlight the social issues
covered in the series. Through this partnership, UM will bring psychiatrists onto Astro platforms such
as social media, TV talk shows as well as special editorial and radio columns to provide awareness on
mental health. The partnership between Astro and UM also emphasises the importance of the role of
both parties in highlighting mental health and family issues that are increasingly prevalent during this

The scenes in I-Tanggang are accompanied by the theme song titled 'Gelap', and 'Cahaya Malam', as performed by Satwo, as well as 'Bukan Mainan', as performed by Rashidi Ishak.

The first episode of 'I-Tanggang' will be aired simultaneously on Astro Citra and Astro Ria channels at 9.00 pm, 13 September. In the subsequent weeks, catch I-Tanggang on Astro Citra channel every Monday, at 9.00 pm. Alternatively, you can stream on the Astro GO or On Demand platforms. Stay updated on interesting info and clips through Astro Gempak and Astro Shaw's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The story (minus spoilers)

I-Tanggang tells the story of Khalil Rayyan or Khay, a cancer patient who seems to be wheelchair-
bound. Erma, Khay’s mother, is a successful social media influencer, author and aromatherapy oils

seller. At her book launch, Erma announces that Khay only has six months to live. This news shocks
Khay. Is he really going to die in six months? Khay’s father, Rahmat, and one of Khay’s former doctors,
Doctor Nini also doubt the news.

After not seeing each other for a long time, Rahmat presents a mobile phone to Khay without Erma's
knowledge. Using the phone, Khay meets two online friends, Royal E (Esra) and CapeqRyder (Syafiq)
and set up a ‘group chat’ called I-Tanggang.

Meanwhile, Syafiq faces conflict when he has to take over the duties of his parents to be the head of
the family by working as a delivery 'rider' to support their lives, especially his five younger siblings.
This causes Syafiq to start hating his irresponsible parents. Meanwhile, Esra is so pampered that she
loses her humanity. When Esra and Syafiq find out that Erma faked Khay's illness and is trying to kill
him, Esra and Syafiq come up with a plan to save Khay. However, the plan ends up biting them back.