If you thought that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin are the only lovebirds to crash land into each other’s hearts after starring in the hit K-drama, well the fairy tale apparently didn’t end there.

According to the rumour mill, another ‘Crash Landing On You’ (CLOY) couple may have their happy ending in real life too.

Seo Dan and Alberto Gu?

Happily ever after for them after all?
Although both of these characters had a pretty heartbreaking ending in the series, all is well in real life for the couple.

Korea Dispatch reported Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung-hyun have apparently been dating for a year since ‘CLOY’ ended.

Because of their status, the two dated mainly at home as their apartments were only 10 minutes away.

Seen together.
After the news broke out, the management agencies for both stars released a statement: "It's true that the two stars have become close while filming 'Crash Landing on You' together, but it's not true that they are in a relationship."

The agency may say so, but fans want to believe that their story in this chapter is real.

Who knows, after some time they might come clean just like their co-stars Hyun Bun and Ye-jin.