If you’ve been following local cinema long enough, then the name ZhafVlog isn’t a foreign one as the Youtube film reviewer is notorious for his brutally honest reviews of local productions.

Never heard of him in the film scene? Well, he recently advertised himself on popular cupid Twitter account twt_jodoh searching for a life partner.

In yet another unsurprising turn of events, the producer of Gadis Jolobu, a fresh new film, is said to feel hurt by the criticism hurled towards her movie as ZhafVlog rated it as ‘5/5 infinity sh*t’.
The film was mostly written in pure Negeri Sembilan dialect and starred a line-up of A Listers and veterans including Datuk Hattan, Khir Rahman, Joey Daud together with newcomer Ahirine Ahirudin.

The comment incited the wrath of the Executive Producer Saraleana Nattaya Azmi, who’s also the co-founder of Zebra Studio’s. In her defence, she couldn’t accept the way her film was criticized by the reviewer.

Based on Berita Harian’s reporting, Saraleana has already discussed with a lawyer to proceed with legal action against ZhafVlog.

“I don't know who this YouTuber is? Does he own any qualifications to criticize movies? If this YouTuber is a qualified film critic and has film knowledge, I might be able to consider the criticism given.

‘But his language is not as intelligent as film critics. So, me and (director) CL Hor also have the right to defend our dignity and the work we produced’

"I believe there must be people who lose their spirit when a film becomes a victim of criticism. Is this YouTuber worthy of criticizing a movie with such uncivilized language?” She continued.

From his track record, this isn’t ZhafVlog’s first controversy related to his reviews. His past reviews sparked a lot of anger by film kakis and critics alike. Most recently, he was also criticised after reviewing the performances of bands at a local music showcase as netizens called him ‘palatao’ or ‘Mr Know-It-All’.

Here’s Zhaf’s reaction to the trailer of the film: