2020 has been quite a journey so far, and for those who have been dreaming of courting or marrying the girl of their dreams – Neelofa, it seems like your fairytale may have come to an end.

Neelofa has put rumours to an end about her relationship with celebrity preacher, PU Riz after the duo’s families met over the weekend at her parents' residence to discuss future plans on their relationship as well as to merisik her.

The intimate gathering was shared on social media via Neelofa’s Instagram story and in a few other updates by her family members including her mom, Datin Noor Kartini.

Wedding bells are ringing...
The TV host’s mom penned a heartfelt note via her Instagram account saying the “moment she’s been waiting for has finally arrived” and she hopes that Haris will be the person who will make her happy and complete her.

Who is Haris?

Many of you may be wondering “Haris who?”

Well, here are some facts about Neelofa’s future husband, Muhammad Haris Mohd Ismail.

#1 Haris is 25 years old this year, which means that there is a six-year gap between him and Neelofa who is 31.

Neelofa and Haris 'guarded' by her sisters.
#2 Placed fourth in the reality preaching show ‘Pencetus Ummah’ in 2016 and has been in showbiz ever since. This was also the reason he was known as ‘PU Riz’.

#3 The preacher has starred in a handful of local TV dramas such as ‘Lelaki Kiriman Tuhan’ and also starred in a movie called ‘Ada Apa Dengan Dosa’.

#4 PU Riz is a law graduate from the International Islamic University of Malaysia or also known as UIA.

The man who stole Lofa's heart.
#5 Neelofa and her family frequently invites Haris for Islamic talks or educational sessions at their home or during their business events.

#6 According to reports, the pair will tie the knot somewhere in March 2021.

Congratulations to Neelofa and Haris, we wish them all the best in their future marriage.

Fans out there, never give up perhaps you’ll find your own Neelofa or Haris one day. In the meantime, you can cry your heart out until their wedding is over.