If you’re a fan of ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ and famed director Mamat Khalid’s work, you’re probably familiar with all of the iconic characters in his cinematic universe.

From the silver screen, the director is now moving to the small screen with his new series ‘Kampong Pisang Bersiri-Siri’.

The series is the first Astro Original series based on the ‘Zombie Kampung Pisang’ and ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ universe.

Kampung Pisang Universe

Some old and new faces will appear in the series.
Fans can enjoy the new premium drama series, ‘Kampong Pisang Bersiri-Siri’ from 7 December, every Monday at 9pm on Astro Citra (Ch 108 HD/ Ch 128) featuring well-known characters from the ‘Kampung Pisang’ franchise including Pak Jabit and Husin from ‘Zombie Kampung Pisang’, Kak Limah from ‘Hantu Kak Limah’, Cik Purnama, Chomprak, Joko Anuar and the Medical Assistant from ‘Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah’ and an appearance of Barkoba from ‘16 dan 17 Puasa’.

Besides existing characters, new characters will also make an appearance in the series such as Pak Kasim, Pak Din ‘Pest Control’, Pak Karim and Cik Chun.

‘Kampong Pisang Bersiri-Siri’ stars Kazar Sairi, Bell Ngasri, Dewa Sapri, Aziz M. Osman, Mat London, and also guest stars including Datuk Awie, Hazama, Ellie Suriaty, Pekin, Delimawati, Ozlynn, Soffi Jikan, Joey Daud, Kamarool Hj Yusof, Imuda, TJ Isa, and many more.

“The Kampung Pisang franchise is special to me, as well as to fans who grew along with these films. Since 2007, I have looked at introducing unique angles in my productions and have regrouped almost all characters from these films into this series. Fans can enjoy a storyline filled with comedy and horror, as well as various cameos in every episode,” Mamat Khalid said.

‘Kampong Pisang Bersiri-Siri’ tells the story of residents from Kampung Pisang who are experiencing mysteries and problems. They have weekly disturbances from the supernatural including ‘toyol’, ‘hantu rempit’, werewolves, ‘hantu sungai’, ‘orang minyak’, zombies, aliens, ‘pocong’ and ‘Hantu Kak Limah’.

So fans, don’t forget to save the date!