Every football-loving parent dreams of a successful project Messi and Neymar. However, despite Malaysia being a well-known footballing nation, raw generational talent is generally hard to come by. It certainly takes more than hard work and skill for a gem to be unearthed.

Yesterday, Shazwan Wong, the manager of FC Setia Alam uploaded a video of what appears to be a boy with an uncontested passion for the game. The boy, Sarvesh, showed excellent ball control at an incredible speedy - especially for someone his age.

According to the video, Shazwan Wong found Sarvesh playing on the streets of Setia Alam before inviting him to train with his club and at the prestigious grounds of Selangor FC.

It looks like Sarvesh is in safe hands as Shazwan Wong is a respected figure in the local footballing community with tons of experience training youngsters and turning them into champions; most recently as the title holders of Liga Superimau U12.

This discovery comes just after the news that a Malaysian freestyle footballer is handpicked by Neymar himself to be part of his global team in Qatar. Fuyo!

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Our national may not be at its best form at the moment, but the likes of Arif Aiman and Luqman Hakim coming into their prime years together with Sarvesh’s video surfacing online? One can’t help but have a bit of hope.

Good luck Sarvesh and don’t forget to have fun!