We have seen some pretty awesome short films produced by Malaysians, but this recent one just made local history.

That's because Malaysia has produced its first ever short-film entirely in Kadazan.

Based on Sabah folklore

This one is for Malaysia.
Called ‘Legend Of The Ancient Borneo’, the short film is created by Kwan Thung Seng (also known as Aks Kwan) and Robertson Sondoh Jr.

Mashable SEA reported that the film is based on local Sabah folklore, with the intention of creating awareness and interest about Borneo's diverse culture and heritage.

According to its synopsis, 'Legend Of The Ancient Borneo' is "a fantasy tale of super power warriors battling mystical creatures. But what’s hidden beneath, is about us humans being selfish and ignorant to the catastrophic damage we have done to the world for our own sake."

The short film was produced by All-For-One Productions.

Its director Geoffrey Sinn has also revealed that a TV series based on the comic may be produced soon.

"Through this film, we’re hoping to uplift Sabah’s animation industry, and provide more exposure to Sabahan folklore stories," he said in an interview with the Borneo Post.

You can check out the short film below:

Well done, you guys! We definitely need more Sabahan folklore stories like this!