The Malaysia International Film Festival Reveals Star-Studded Lineup for Its 7th Edition to Commence on July 21

Iqmal Hakem
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The Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) has announced its programme lineup for the much-anticipated 7th edition, set to transform Kuala Lumpur into a cinematic paradise from 21-28 July 2024. With an exceptional array of films, MIFFest continues to celebrate the spirit of both Malaysian and international cinema.

Opening & closing nights

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This year’s festival will kick off with the spine-tingling Malaysian horror film “Indera” by acclaimed director Woo Ming Jin, featuring the talented Shaheizy Sam and Azira Shafinaz. The festival will conclude on a high note with the double feature of “Love Lies” by Ho Miu Ki and “Peg O’ My Heart” by Nick Cheung.

Distinguished jury panel to adjudicate MIFFest 2024 competition

MIFFest has announced a distinguished panel of jurors for its 2024 competition, featuring luminaries from across the global film industry. Led by celebrated Indian director and actress Suhasini Maniratnam, the panel includes Felix Chong, the acclaimed Hong Kong screenwriter and director behind the iconic “Infernal Affairs” series.
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From China, respected professor and critic Zhang Xianmin brings a critical eye for groundbreaking cinema, while Thailand’s Kong Rithdee, a seasoned film critic and director, offers deep insights into Southeast Asian cinema. Completing the panel is Malaysia’s own Zul Ariffin, celebrated for his dynamic performances in film and television.

MIFFest competition segment continues its commitment to innovative voices at the forefront

The Competition segment remains a cornerstone of MIFFest, showcasing a carefully curated selection of films that represent the forefront of cinematic innovation and artistic expression. This year, the festival is presenting a diverse lineup of nine groundbreaking films from around the world, each offering unique insights and fresh perspectives.
The compelling lineup features “Abang Adik” by Jin Ong, delving into the resilience of underrepresented communities, and “Betania” by Marcelo Botta, noted for its stunning visual storytelling and promising themes. Other notable entries include “Every You Every Me” by Michael Fetter Nathansky, a critical exploration of personal identity and a highlight of German cinema, and “In the Land of Brothers” by Alireza Ghasemi and Raha Amirfazli, which presents a poignant narrative about Afghan refugees.
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Additional highlights include “Rapture” by Dominic Sangma, set in a mystically charged village and exploring oppressive themes through a child’s perspective, and “Sujo” by the acclaimed duo Astrid Rondero and Fernanda Valadez, a gritty tale of youth amidst cartel violence.
“The Editorial Office” by Roman Bondarchuk offers a satirical take on media influence, while “The Great Phuket” by Liu Yaonan examines the impacts of industrialisation on community dynamics. Completing this year’s exceptional slate is the world premiere of “Within a Budding Grove” by Hoby Zhang, a film that delves into intricate family dynamics and the uncovering of hidden histories.

Four films dominate with 7 nominations each at MIFFest’s Malaysia Golden Global Awards

The Malaysia Golden Global Awards nominations have been unveiled, setting the stage for a thrilling competition. Leading the pack with seven nominations each are “Abang Adik,” “Every You Every Me,” “In the Land of Brothers,” and “Betania.” The anticipation builds as these top contenders showcase their exceptional storytelling, direction, and performances across various categories, highlighting the diversity and talent in this year’s lineup.
You can join the awards night on 27 July 2024, starting from 8:30 PM, via MIFFest Official Facebook, TikTok Live, national broadcaster RTM’s TV2, or RTM Klik to witness which of these remarkable films will triumph and take home the coveted awards.

50 films from over 30 countries

Highlights of this segment include the long-awaited Malaysian premiere of Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s introspective drama “Evil Does Not Exist,” Wim Wenders’ thought-provoking “Perfect Days,” and the Oscar-winner June Squibb starred film “Thelma,” which features a stellar cast and gripping narrative.
Additionally, the festival is honoured to present “Elegies,” a significant documentary by Hong Kong auteur Ann Hui, which delves into the vibrant and often poignant world of Hong Kong’s poets.
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Expanding the festival’s offerings, MIFFest introduces exciting new segments like Neon and Afterdark, which outshine bold and independent cinema while some of them defy conventional storytelling.
The Neon programme features a diverse lineup, including:
  • “The Lyricist Wannabe” by Norris Wong Yee-lam,
  • “Dreaming & Dying” by Nelson Yeo,
  • “Manjummel Boys” by Chidambaram,
  • “All the Long Nights” by Sho Miyake,
  • “Salli” by Lien Chien Hung,
  • “Blesser” by Lee Sang-cheol,
  • “The Woman Who Cries” by George Walker Torres, and
  • “Drifting Flowers, Flowing Days” by Yutaka Tsunemachi.
Each film is selected for its unique perspective and innovative approach, ensuring that MIFFest remains a vibrant platform for discovering groundbreaking works in contemporary cinema.
The Afterdark programme promises to thrill and terrify with its selection of genre-defying films. “Tenement,” directed by the duo Inrasothythep Neth and Sokyou Chea, is a psychological thriller set in Cambodia and Japan. Jane Schoenbrun’s “I Saw the TV Glow,” an A24 film, blends surreal horror with themes of identity and pop culture’s impact on reality, making it one of the most powerful and impactful additions to the programme. “Hood Witch,” directed by Saïd Belktibia, tells the story of a smuggler of exotic animals and illicit products, while Radim Špaček’s “Forest Killer” offers a slow-burn, minimalist crime drama based on true events.

Come see a film, come see the world at MIFFest

MIFFest is inviting all film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and cinema lovers to embark on an extraordinary cinematic journey from 21-28 July 2024. This year, a refreshed and revitalised MIFFest will be unveiled, promising an unforgettable experience.
For accreditations, tickets, and more information, visit the MIFFest website. Stay updated by following their social media on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.
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