Year One pupils at two different schools in Johor were greeted by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Ultraman – No, wait. Ultramen? – Ultraman. The students of SK Taman Scientex in Pasir Gudang were greeted by Mickey and Minnie, who welcomed them at the school's entrance while over at SK Rengit in Batu Pahat, students were greeted by two Ultramans.

According to the New Straits Times, SK Taman Scientex headmistress Ramlah Othman said that last year, the school welcomed students with Upin and Ipin, and Kung Fu Panda characters.

Meanwhile, at SK Rengit, teachers would always welcome students at the gate during a new term, but this year they decided to take it up a notch to include Ultraman at the entrance. The inclusion of Ultraman was decided at a meeting of 31 teachers under the school's Caring Programme. Zizi Edrianna, the school's Student Affairs senior assistant, said the decision was approved by the headmaster.

"Best. Day. EVER!" (Image: Facebook @penmerahdotcom)