Former squash player Datuk Nicol Ann David has been a household name for years. A lot of Malaysians probably won't even know what squash is if not for the champion.

We will soon be able to watch her story on silver screen as a biopic is in the works.

Nicol announced that her biopic titled 'I Am Nicol David' is in the works via her social media platforms.


"I’m so thrilled and overwhelmed to announce that we will be producing my biopic movie.

"I always dreamt of one day tell my story to be able to inspire everyone to work hard for what they want to achieve and constantly challenge yourself to bigger heights," she wrote.

According to Nicole, she will be working with a local production studio on the biopic.

"It will be a long journey and I’m excited to count on your support through it," Nicol wrote.

A touch of Hollywood

According to The Edge, Nicol's biopic will be produced by Malaysian digital media and film production investment company, ACE Pictures Entertainment.

Company president Peter Wong reportedly said that the love and dedication Nicol has for the sport exceeds normal understanding.

"This is why her biopic will not be about an underdog's rise to success - she was and always has been an established icon - but about a woman's will and dedication so profound, it becomes life itself, and the complex struggles one has to face when confronted with the reality of having to let go of something so deeply apart of herself," he said.

Young Nicol David
Not much information is available on the movie as of yet, but the role of Nicol's coach Liz Irving will be played by a Hollywood actor.

There will also be a nationwide casting to play Nicol, so if you think you have what it takes, you might want to start brushing up on your acting and squash skills!

ACE Pictures continues to champion gender equality, not only by highlighting a sucessful female athlete, but also by hiring two female screen writers for the film.

No names were revealed but one of the screenwriter is "a Malaysian lauded for her credentials and high reviews on several well-known screenplay coverage services in the US", while the other is "a US-based writer with a several film festival titles under her belt."

We can’t wait to catch the flick.
The movie will be in English and distributed in the US and Europe, as well as Malaysia.

While many Malaysians have spent decades following the star's successful career, we are not as aware of all the blood and sweat that goes into becoming the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to watch the movie!