There are only a handful of things exciting enough for Malaysians to wake up early for, especially during the weekends. It’s definitely a rare occurrence seeing Malaysians out at such ungodly hours, enjoying something loud in nature. At Atas Angin Music Festival, Malaysians quashed that stereotype and danced from 9AM.

Named one of the largest independent music festivals in the country, Atas Angin Fest featured more than 30 elite Malaysian bands - all with their own cult following. The lineup included legends OAG, Gerhana Skacinta, The Times and Plague of Happiness performing on the same stages as newer acts Loko, Hacktick! and recent AJL winner, Sekumpulan Orang Gila.

Kelantanese punk trio No Good was at the center of attention as the much-anticipated colour mosh was organised during their performance of Che Using.

The mixture of genres present was the main appeal at the event as fans were served a variety of tap dancing tunes from indie rock, metal, hardcore, ska, punk and more.

Despite internalised and systemic issues within the Malaysian music industry, the success of Atas Angin’s first independent festival is a mark of a healthy recovery after two years of almost no shows due to the pandemic restrictions. Looking at the string of sold-out halls and venues in Klang Valley and KL, it’s likely that the trend will continue.

In another exciting news, the good guys at Future Sound Asia recently released a fresh lineup for their upcoming Good Vibes Weekender that sees international hit Jackson Wang, CL and Pink Sweats share the stage with local heroes Joe Flizzow, Late Night Frequency and the Peachskins.

Photos, tweets and videos by Hawryth Hilmy, Zairi Rahim, Mustakim Ismail, The Peachskins and Khairul Aqmal.