We've experienced VR before and we confess that it can sometimes feel very real – just not as real as what you're about to see. Corridor Digital comprises of a team of filmmakers and animators who tell short stories incorporating digital effects and live action on YouTube. They've brought to life many other game franchises like Mario, Minecraft, Battlefield, and The Division to name a few. If you're a gamer, take a look. If you're a film maker, step on in. If you're bored out of your mind on a work/college day and would like to be anywhere else but where you are right now, watch this video:
It was a passion project from the filmmakers and what's incredible is that they managed to get one of the actors from the Grand Theft Auto V, Steven Ogg, to reprise his role in the game as Trevor for this short. It captures the tone of GTA V perfectly and is a good piece of story-telling on its own.

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