The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in so many ways unimaginable.

Some people lost their jobs or source of income, some had to be separated from their loved ones, some had to cancel their long-awaited travel plans, and the rest of us just feel sad knowing that things will never be the same again.

For cosmetics millionaire Dato’ Sri Aliff Syukri, he says that among the things that affected him throughout the pandemic is not being able to travel overseas.

No holiday trips this time around

Saya sedih??Hati dah meronta merindui untuk bercuti di luar negara ..biasanya hujung tahun tengah tahun pasti saya akan bercuti di luar negara untuk shopping..tapi tahun ini terasa janggal dan pelik tak tahu berapa lama covit ni?? Dan brp lamakah Sitiwasi ini akan berlaku oh Tuhan cepatlah berlalu yang amat memeningkan.. bukan sahaja ekonomi teruk tetapi semua terjejas emosi mental semualah..

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“I’m sad. My heart is longing for a holiday overseas. Usually at this time of the year I’ll be overseas shopping. But it feels weird and I don’t know until when COVID-19 will last,” Aliff said in an Instagram post.

“How long must this go on? Not only the economy is bad but even my emotional and mental state are affected.”

The post has received over 5,000 likes to date, but netizens were mostly not holding back when it comes to commenting on the D'Herbs founder's statement.

Insensitive statement?

“Just go Dato, you don’t even have to come back. Some people have headaches thinking about how to survive daily you on the other hand can come up with arrogant statements like this. You don’t respect other people’s life,” @maria_alya2505 commented.

“Dato, some people are struggling to even LIVE, some are looking for other sources to gain money in order to survive this pandemic. The frontliners are doing their best fighting the battle with COVID-19, which has no vaccine until now. Be grateful,” another Instagram user said.

Aliff standing in front of his house gates.
Others commented that he should stay strong and be thankful with what he has as many others out there are dealing with the pandemic a lot worse than him.

Well, there are many more important things to worry about during this pandemic, so perhaps everyone should think twice before making such statements.