In September last year, we reported that a Hollywood production would be coming to Malaysia to film a periodical movie about James Brooke.

The movie titled ‘Rajah’ will reportedly be filmed in Sarawak and began production last year.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play the titular British explorer and Sarawak’s first-ever Rajah, Sir James Brooke.

Other cast members include ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor Dominic Monaghan, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Ralph Ineson, Hong Kong star Josie Ho, and local stars – Shaheizy Sam, Bront Palarae, and Rahim Razali to name a few.

Recently, Twitter user @_ashwb shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the movie ‘White Rajah’ (which we assume is the new title) that apparently received clearance from the producers.
Looks like someone's in trouble...
The photos, taken by Jane Chang featured scenes that included Rhys Meyers, Monaghan, Shaheizy, Bront, and Indonesian actress Atiqah Hasiholan.

Malaysians were impressed with the photos, and many are looking forward to watching the movie.

There has been no official word as yet on when ‘White Rajah’ will be released, but after going through the replies in the tweet, there’s a possibility that it’ll be out in 2021.

Can you spot the familiar face?
Esteemed warriors of Sarawak.
Sultan mana ni ya?
The film is made with the support of the Sarawak Tourism Board and the federal FIMI film rebate of Malaysia.

'White Rajah' looks really promising and we can't wait until we get a glimpse of its official trailer someday.