Long night drives can be physically taxing, especially for new drivers. So when Twitter user @AkeemSharyzal and his relatives saw a woman looking lost at a local R&R joint, he had to lend a hand.

According to Akeem, he first saw the woman trying to call her insurance agent regarding her damaged vehicle near her. He approached her to assist as she claims that she microslept and caused the accident.

The woman claims that she accidentally microslept as her car hit a divider, waking her up in the process. Luckily no other cars were present on the road before she meets Akeem at a nearby R&R joint.

Worried about her safety, Akeem and his relatives volunteered to aid her by driving the damaged vehicle to her destination in Malacca.

Akeem Sharyzal @ Akeem documented the whole experience on a Twitter thread that has since garnered over five thousand retweets and ten thousand likes.

However, the most recent development shows a woman claiming that the story isn’t completely true. Twitter user Khailisa quoted the tweet, asking the OT to ‘tell the true story’’.

Stay tuned for the latest twist in the story as we will update the article from time to time.