The new iPad 9.7-inch costs RM1,549.

There. Plain as day. Are you going to buy it? Probably. Do you really need it? Probably. Does anyone at all still use it? Well... aside from pacifying toddlers, the tablet has had its day in the sun. It's no longer an essential device that's going to 'change the way we use computers' and it's settled into something in the middle. Something you don't really need, but something you still kind-of want.

The new iPad is now RM150 cheaper than the outgoing iPad Air 2 and has been marginally upgraded. The battery is a little larger, storage options have doubled, and the chip is a newer chip. Physically, the iPad is now 1.4mm thicker and weighs 32g heavier.

This is a dramatic shift in strategy considering Apple's insistence on making everything thinner and lighter. Though to be honest, it's not something you'd notice.
The Apple iPad family photo. They grow up so fast.

So is it time to own an iPad yet?

If you've never had one, this is actually a very good price.

After the Ringgit hit a slump last year the prices of Apple products went well above the range of middle income Malaysians and the lower priced older models weren't exactly the best alternatives.

With the new iPad 9.7-inch you enjoy brand new specs at a low, low price. Maybe if you're an active user of OTT services like Astro Go, Netflix, and iFlix, you can give this a shot. Or maybe, you just like to browse the net whenever you are outside of work.