When we were 21, most of us were probably unsure of what the future held and still depended on our parents for an allowance.

Life at 21 is, however, very different for YouTuber Findy Yong.

According to a report by Mothership, the spunky lass just purchased her second car - a Mercedes-Benz.

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Findy, who has more than 728,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and more than 460,000 followers on her Instagram account, recently shared the news on Instagram.

"Congratulations to myself for getting my second car.

"This is also considered a 21st birthday present to myself, and to reward myself for all the hard work these past years. I have to work 100 times harder going forward!” she wrote in the post.

If you are jealous, read on. There's more!

Living the life

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In October 2020, Findy said that she had moved into a new house with her boyfriend.

Posting on YouTube, she said the house was worth RM1.9mil and that she was renting the place.

Findy began her YouTube career when she was in Form 3.

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Originally from Klang, Findy created videos on food challenges, TikTok dance challenges and also featured videos of her hamsters before moving on to posting other lifestyle videos, including prank videos.

There's so much that all of us should learn from this kid!

All the best Findy!