There are a lot of burgers nowadays that use high-quality ingredients such as Pasadena Burger’s Miyazaki Wagyu Burger that uses one of the world’s most luxurious meat and naturally there are also fast food options such as McDonalds’ Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

But sometimes, all Malaysians want is a good old fashioned burger such as Ramly burgers that has been drizzled with oil, flattened to death and stuffed into a good ol’ squishy bun! We personally have a weird fascination with watching the cooks crack the eggs onto the hot grill as many have their own trademark styles of cooking.

Here are some spots in Penang to sink your teeth into a fantastic burger!

Ali Burger Corner

Ali burger corner penang

Tucked in Taman Tun Sardon, you’ll find this unassuming stall just opposite the At-Taqwa mosque. We visited this establishment for ourselves very recently and we must say that their range is incredible as their extensive menu not only includes the usual beef and chicken Ramly patties, but even ‘Burger Chicken Chop’ that was roughly the size of a small pizza and we struggled to hold with one hand.

Their normal burgers are flavourful and juicy, and we also recommend adding on their ‘meatball set and wedges’ which have beef meatballs that we reckon might be better than IKEA.

Another must try is their ‘Moza fries’ which was generously topped with cheese, unlike some places where they sprinkle a bit of cheese and call it a day. We walked away feeling that we’ve found our new favourite burger joint but also being pretty sure we put on at least 1kg from the meal.

Address: Jalan, Hilir Pemancar, Taman Tun Sardon, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang

P.O.S. Burger

P.O.S. Burger

Situated near the Jelutong market, this is one of the islanders’ favourite places to frequent for a Ramly burger that won’t disappoint as they’ve been open since 1969 ––– but be prepared to queue up for yours. What’s special about this place is that the burgers come with potatoes.

They are also especially generous with chili sauce and onions which we personally love, so ask for less if you can’t handle the spice and the strong flavours. Happily, they are very generous with their portions of meat and vegetables, so head here hungry!

They also have ‘exotic burgers’ with venison, rabbit, and even Cassowary meat for those with an adventurous palate.

Address: Lebuhraya Jelutong, Taman Jelutong, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Mr. Bombastic Fantastic Burger

Mr. Bombastic Fantastic Burger

Here besides getting a delicious burger, you’ll also get a whole performance by Mr. Bombastic himself. Due to his remarkable burger tossing skills, time will fly as you stand around waiting for your burger to be completed.

The burger proprietor who is Malay, impressively speaks Chinese and has been nicknamed ‘Liu Wen Zheng’, a former Taiwanese singer, by his loyal customers. The menu is standard, but you can add on extra mayonnaise, vegetables, and sauce at no extra charge unless you opt for his special sauce: ‘5-star Black Pepper Australian Mayo’.

Address: Taman Desa Green, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

Old Trafford Burger

old trafford burger penang

While these aren’t Ramly burgers, their burgers are simply delicious as they use self-made patties, but they also require a bit of a wait as it is in a tourist hotspot area. Chulia Street is busy enough in the day, but it truly comes alive at night, especially during the weekend as it is home to many watering holes.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your cravings after a drink or whether you just want a simple meal for dinner, you don’t have to be a Manchester United fan to try out the burgers here. Besides serving up the usual burgers, they offer lamb burgers, fish burgers, shrimp burgers and they are especially well-known for their double 100g beef burger and ‘Crispy Chicken burger’.

Address: 325, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang

Image source: Hom Harivarma (Facebook), @rashidyusoff11,, Henry Koay via, @ the_eating_buddies, @ henrymiracles, @ brianjohndoraI,