While we are losing many of our heritage buildings due to neglect and development of new projects, there are some who have worked to refurbish and repurpose many of the historic buildings in the city.

Now, these buildings have become the 'hipster' hangout spots, and spaces where many events and activities are held.

Here's a look a some of the places that you should visit, not only because they are cool places to hang out in, but also to support initiatives to preserve our heritage.

#1 Jalan Hang Kasturi

This building is also known as Ruang @Think City
Located across Medan Pasar, this white building is hard to miss as it is at the corner of the street, and looks newer than the rest of the structures in the area thanks to a fresh coat of paint and some refurbishing works.

Built in 1938 by renowned architect Arthur Oakley Coltman, 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi was once the headquarters of the Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation but was left in disrepair for many year.

Think City, an initiative by the government to revive heritage sites in the city, took over just a few years ago and the place has become vibrant again after many years of neglect.

This week, The Monkey Project is having an exhibition there in an attempt to create more awareness on the primates and the threat the species is facing. It's free so you might want to give it a visit.

#2 Medan Pasar

This week, you can see some installation art at Medan Pasar
Perhaps best known as the place with the 'clock tower', Medan Pasar was once a busy trading hub and marketplace.

From banks, grocers and medicine halls to opium hall and brothels, the square was run by the founder of Kuala Lumpur kapitan Yap Ah Loy.

Back then, the place was known as Macao Road or Hokkien Road by the locals but over the years the importance of the square reduced.

You can still find old building here and the best beef noodle in town is said to be found at Shin Kee Restaurant here.

This week, you can see several installation art at Medan Pasar, which is perfect for your instagram.

There will also be performances such as 'Moving Bodies' organised by Urbanscapes besides Picha Eats' Table where you can book a delicious lunch cooked by refugees from the Middle East.

#3 Kwai Chai Hong @Jalan Panggung

Murals at Kwai Chai Hong have made the once dead alley a tourist attraction
You might heard of Kwai Chai Hong as it has recently become the favourite place for people to go to take gorgeous Instagram shots.

There are several murals here that have attracted tourists and locals aside.

Several cafes, restaurants and bars incorporating the style of olden days China Town has also cropped up, making it the perfect place to hang out during the weekends and holidays.

Despite being vaguely aware of the historic significance of the area, many are unaware than Kwai Chai Hong consists of 10 restored shop houses - a project done by space management company Bai Chuan Management Sdn Bhd with grants from Think City.

The alley is just one of the many efforts by Think City to revive downtown Kuala Lumpur.

This week, you will see more art than usual at the alley thanks to Urbanscapes, and live performances as well.


Be prepared to part with your money because there are plenty of cool stuff to buy at REXKL
Another old building given a new lease of life, REXKL is a former cinema which has been turned into event space.

Once a famous hangout spot for those wishing to catch the latest films, Rex burned down decades ago and was left untouched for a long time.

Recently, it was restored as yet another attempt at gentrifying downtown Kuala Lumpur and so far it looks like the project is a success.

There are events and activities happening here almost every week, with Urbanscapes dominating it till this Sunday with events such as the BMW Shorties.

Besides Urbanscapes events, you can also check out the cafe and bars inside the building, a second hand book store, an antique store, pop-up stores and more here.

Bring your parents along especially if they spent their youth in the city and you may just learn a thing or two about what the place was like during their time!

Reconnect with the city

In line with one of Urbanscapes' #ReconnectKL, the organisers have chosen venues that has cultural and historical significance in the city to organise art event.

This week, you can reconnect with the city and enjoy multiple activities that involves art, music and more!