Despite being warned not to, there are those who call emergency phone lines for things that are not related to any sort of emergencies.

However, due to how cute this interaction is, we'll let it slide for once.

'I've got some toys for you'

A police station in New Zealand recently received an 'emergency' call from a four-year-old boy who asked the police if they could go over and check his collection of toys.

Usually, such a call wouldn’t be taken seriously. However, in this instance, the officer who attended the call treated it seriously and even confirmed the kid's toys were indeed very cool.

An audio of the adorable conversation was shared by the police department on social media, Times Now News reported.

In the audio, the kid can be heard asking the attending police officer: "Can I tell you something? I've got some toys for you. Come over and see them.”

The boy hung up after that, and when the officer calls back, the kid’s guardian told them that the call was actually a mistake.

However, the officer decided to route the request to nearby police officers.

"There's a 4-year-old there who is wanting to show Police their toys, over,” said the operator who called an officer.

"Ya, I'm one up, I'll attend to,” answered the officer on duty.

Here's the cute conversation in full:

Officer actually shows up!

You might think that the conversation ended after the officer spoke to the kid.

But on the contrary, the officer actually took the effort to go to the kid’s house to properly inspect the toys as requested. To top it all off, he even got to take a picture with the cool police officer and his patrol car.

Image credit: Facebook/Invercargill Call

"While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share."

"Constable Kurt from Southern District responded by arriving at the child’s house and was shown an array of toys. He also had a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies," wrote Southern District Police on Facebook.

How thoughtful of the police to make the little boy's day.