We hate to be the bearer of bad news...but beginning 1 October, those going to New Zealand for a holiday will have to get an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

The good news is you can apply for the ETA on New Zealand Immigration's mobile app or website, so there's no hassle. You can even do it when you're taking a break from work!

It's much better than the lengthy and annoying process of applying for a visa, we guess. Unless you're planning on staying for more than three months in which case you still have to get a visa.

The app and online form will only be available from July onwards, so if you're traveling before that, you can do a little happy dance right about now.

According to New Zealand's immigration department website, visitors will have to pay NZD9 (RM24.90) for ETA applications made through the app and NZD12 (RM33.20) for applications made online.

Now, the biggest pinch will come from the levy payment, which will cost you NZD35 (RM96.84) and charged at the same time as the ETA.

The levy is supposed to go directly towards the maintainance of tourist spots, so we can't complain much.

Just cry internally and be more diligent about saving money for travels.