If you’ve been to Bangkok, or heard of the city, you would know by now what the city is most famous for – Thai street food and of course the legendary shopping sprees in Chatuchak!

There are a few markets around Chatuchak and one of them is called Artbox. Artbox is a cool pop-up market in industrial containers and sells an array of stuff from clothes, accessories, home decor, and your hipster street food.

The pop-up market is always on the move and has previously operated in Queen Sirikit MRT Station, Makkasan MRT Station, and of course, Chatuchak. It is currently operating in Suanluang Square.

Well flea market fans, we’ve got great news for you. You no longer have to take a flight to Bangkok just to visit and spend all your money at the flea market as they will be coming to Malaysia soon! Artbox has announced on their Facebook page that they will be making Malaysia as their first stop as part of their Asian tour in February 2018.

Woohoo mark your calender, guys!
So, what’s in store for you shopaholics and foodies out there?

Well apart from cheap clothing and accessories, there might be illustrators, a live band and a myriad of out-of-this-world street food that’ll look good on your Instagram feed.

Shut up and take all our money!
We don't know what that is but we want to try it!
OMG look at all the Insta-worthy items!
We’re talking rainbow grilled cheese sandwich, drinks that look like it came from the land of unicorns, fries with crazy-coloured toppings, flamingo themed ice creams, gigantic burgers, colourful desserts, and not to forget your Pad Thai and Thai iced tea.

It's so pretty we feel so 'sayang' wanting to eat it.
Tropical fun in a cup.
These fries are for the adventurous ones!
Now who’s excited for the Artbox flea market? We know we are! No word yet on the exact date and location of the popular pop-up market but we’re guessing it may be held somewhere in Klang Valley.

For more info, visit their Facebook page.