When you think of gaming computers, you probably picture something large and cumbersome.

Big gaming rigs used to be cool, but today, you can easily put together a PC capable of gaming at 4k resolution at 120fps in something the size of a PS4!

This is usually achieved using a number of key components:

1) a mini-ITX motherboard, which measures in at about 17cm by 17cm
2) a graphics card riser, usually supplied with the cases that need them. These allow you to mount the graphics card parallel to the motherboard
3) an SFX or SFX-L Power supply. These are much smaller power supplies that take up a lot less internal volume.

With that in mind, here are four small PC cases you can buy right now without betraying the PC Master Race:

(Also, we’re also avoiding the larger ITX cases as well as those not yet available for sale in Malaysia)

1) Silverstone SG13

How much would it cost you: RM200
The SG13 is perhaps the best place to start for those on a budget. This may not be as slim as the other entries, but it’s still plenty compact. It’s about the size of a large toaster, and will work with most full-sized components, including a regular ATX-sized power supply, a 13” graphics card, a 3.5” hard disk and can even be configured with a 140mm radiator for those who intend to water cool their CPU.

It's also the cheapest in this list, priced at about RM200. The lower cost and high flexibility are great, but of the cases featured here, it’s definitely worth your money.

2) Fractal Design Node 202

How much would it cost you: RM700
If you’re into clean, Scandinavian design, you can’t go wrong with Fractal Design. Their Node 202 is a sleek, slim case that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The best part is that it can be purchased with a 450W SFX power supply for under RM700. Yes, it might sound like a lot, but purchasing any of the above cases with an equivalent power supply is actually costlier. If you have the cash to splash, you can't go wrong with the Node 202.

3) Silverstone RVZ02

How much would it cost you: RM385
While the rest of the entries are pretty conservative with regards to design language, this one comes with Silverstone’s famous Raven design blueprint. Inspired by beaks, feathers and all things bird, the RVZ02 is definitely the most aesthetically-daring case on this list. The orange lighting accent adds to this, for sure. It’s also just as versatile as some of the others on this list, with support for an additional 3.5” drive, long graphics and slim optical disk drives.

4) Silverstone ML08B-H

How much would it cost you: RM370
This one’s a little redundant, to be honest. It’s basically the same as the RVZ02 in terms of internal layout, but one thing that's different is the exterior of the case. Here, you get a very straight-forward, elegant design. It’s not as clean a design as the Node 202, but it's got its own perks. Internally, it still has support for a 3.5” hard drive. A carry handle is another of its biggest selling points.