Ask any cat owners and they will tell you that they are known to be curious and mischievous in nature.

Sometimes, they will make you super angry, but more often than not, they will soften your heart by doing something absolutely cute.

Like this community cat in Singapore, for example.

A plush toy we actually want!

A grey cat has melted the hearts of netizens when it mischievously climbed into a claw machine filled with soft plush toys.

Photos of the cat’s antics and it’s new favourite 'hangout' spot in the Clementi area of Singapore was shared by Facebook user Ant Adamania on the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook group and the post immediately went viral due to its 10/10 cute factor.

Image credit: Facebook/Ant Adamania

Image credit: Facebook/Ant Adamania

The cat's antics certainly won over netizens, as many couldn't help but go 'aww' when they saw the photos.

Some even suggested that the cat could be trained to retrieve the toys in the machine without having to burn a large amout of money.

Image credit: Facebook/Ant Adamania

Image credit: Facebook/Ant Adamania

However, that ingenious plan was almost immediately thwarted because the person who snapped the photos revealed that the cat is sort of a mini celebrity in the community and is known to be very hard to train.

On top of that, the cat is also apparently "arrogant" and doesn't care for food.

Well, at least all of us got a smile out of the cat's antics, right?

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/Ant Adamania