Residents of TTDI know this place well. Located at the carpark next to Pasar Besar TTDI, Durian King TTDI, the neighbourhood durian stall has been operating uninterrupted since 2015.

We first enjoyed the fragrant offerings of the stall in 2018 with Erik, the owner of Durian King TTDI. Back then, he was gracious enough to teach us how to identify durian, as well as some tips and tricks to pick the best fruit.

The site continued to find success in the following years before the pandemic arrived and did what the pandemic does to public gathering.

Undeterred by the closure of supermarkets and wholesalers like Durian King, Erik continued serving his community and galvanised farmers to provide fresh produce to Malaysians and set up a farm-to-table company e-Petani together with a business partner, May Teh.

As movement control orders waxed and waned throughout 2020 and 2021, his durian stall continued to run (and shut down accordingly).

Even though the global pandemic was already a big problem for stall, there would be an even bigger challenge for the Durian King to face.

Political instability forces Durian King to shutter

During the political upheavel of 2020, Durian King received their first notice for closure. The stall that had been operating there for 5 years had received verbal notice from the local council to clear the premises.

In 2021, they ceased operations at their spot in TTDI and continued selling durian by delivery mostly or pick up by the roadside.

Ironically, in 2022, when the borders were fully reopened, Durian King TTDI received an official closure notification from the local council.

Erik apppealed to Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh to assist in the matter and even received support from TTDI's residents association who also wrote a letter to the local council to reverse the situation.

In the meantime, Durian King found a new home at Rasta TTDI and operated throughout June to September while they waited to operate from their homebase again.

After appeals in January 2022, by YB Hannah Yeoh, and January 2023 by the local residents association, Durian King finally got its license renewed in May 2023 and they're back operating at the Pasar Besar carpark.

Coming back in 2023

durian king ttdi

We're happy to report that the license could not have been renewed at a better time as prices for durian is low due to the increase in supply. We looked, and this report by the Straits Times seems to back up his claim.

The friendly neighbourhood durian stall will also be joined by food trucks of many kinds this season so expect a muhibah gathering with food and festivities. There

Pop in and say hello to boss Erik if he's around:
Durian King TTDI, 179, Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (next to Pasar Besar TTDI)
Operating hours: 1pm - 12am (every day)
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