“We love the earth, it is our planet. We love the earth, it is our home…” - Lil Dicky


For officially five decades people around the world dedicate a day to appreciate mother earth. Here’s an obvious fun fact...mother earth existed a long, long time ago even before this “Earth Day” celebration was invented. However, events like this are often created to raise awareness and reminders of very important matters.

Here’s an idea to get us started. Are we becoming more ignorant to the wellbeing of the earthly environment? According to research, it is estimated that adults at rest breathe more than 23,000 times a day. Don’t you think that’s a crazy amount of reminders to us about our source of breath, the earth?


This year, Earth Day has taken the theme of climate action. According to the Earth Day website, “climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.”

If you’re wondering “What does that even mean?”, check out this brief video that gives you a simple idea of what climate change is all about.


In the context of climate change, global warming is still the talk of the town although it may seem vague to some people. We humans often act on what we can see and not often what’s invisible.

Often what’s invisible isn’t seen as a problem until severe damage is done. Guys, global warming is a SERIOUS problem because it can cause a long-lasting damage to our climate system.


So, this leads to another highlighted factor. What have we done to contribute to the wellbeing of the earth?

Some of us are filled with great enthusiasm for making a difference by living out the “zero waste lifestyle” which has benefited the environment in many ways. Some participate for short moments like cutting down power during “Earth Hour”. Furthermore, some even form a small environmental activity like gotong-royong to protect and preserve the earth.


However, the earth isn’t “looking in shape” as how it should. A good possibility why it may be so is that there may not be a consistency in practicing the habit of “protecting and preserving” the earth.

If the commitment of billions of people brings sooooooo much positive results to the wellbeing of the earth in a day, think about all the accomplishments if the same “billions of people” are able to consistently practice the care for the earth!

We are not talking about creating big campaigns or activities everyday...duhhhh. That would be silly and irrational. The slightest act of disposing our trash correctly, controlling the electricity power at home or even to control the amount of times we use our cars or motorbikes can do wonders.


“Heal the world, make it a better place...” - Michael Jackson

Together, let us not just build an awareness (FYI, it’s possible that by now most people around the globe are aware of the earth’s condition) but also take an immediate action no matter how small or big it may be to help restore the wellbeing of the earth.

It takes each one, each act and each day to make the world a better place. Hence, let’s make everyday Earth Day.

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